How Humorous Healing Anagrams Came About

The concept for Humorous Healing Anagrams was introduced to me by one of my authors and subsequent friend, Ivinela Samuilova. At the time, Ivinela worked with a Bulgarian psychologist, Alexey Buchev who is also the protagonist in her bestselling novel, Life Can Be a Miracle, available in English. In her book, Ivinela shares some of Alexey’s unconventional and fun techniques for approaching problems in a completely different way in order to change the way we perceive life and bring about a new reality. Read more about Alexey Buchev’s different approach to problems and changing your mindset here.

Ivinela first met Alexey Buchev when he was working as a psychologist at the Ministry of Defense, and he introduced her to a new way of thinking. She wrote her book to show how we can stop the hypnotic following of learned patterns in our daily lives and thus begin to manifest the unlimited potentials of the universe in every situation, every day, so that we can be, do, and have what we need. After the release of her novel, Alexey and Ivinela began running the popular Life Can Be a Miracle self-improvement seminars in Bulgaria for “magicians” who wanted to learn firsthand how the non-traditional and entertaining approach to the psychologist’s reality worked.

During some of my correspondence with Ivinela over the years, I would occasionally ask her for advice on certain issues I was facing. Instead of handling problems as I always did, or following the hardwired thought patterns of my brain, I wanted to experience their fresh new take on dealing with problems in a different way and change my reality. The tasks I received always made me laugh, which was the first thing I loved about them, and after following the amusing advice, I was constantly surprised at the results. For example, when dealing with money issues, Ivinela advised me to charge my wallet with my cell phone charger! Or when I had a tooth infection, one of my tasks was to tickle my tooth with a blade of grass every day to make my tooth smile. This of course, made me smile, too, as well as all my friends who witnessed my crazy antics. My dentist was speechless when she asked what I had done to heal my tooth, and I told her! The most significant healing happened when I had a hernia that required surgery. Ivinela gave me several suggestions, one of which was to take the name of my health issue (incisional hernia) and form as many words out of the combined letters as possible. I was then to write a short, funny story using as many of the words from my list as I could. Once the story was complete, I had to choose one line from the story as my mantra. I came up with the line: “‘That’s insane,’ said the snail.” Every time I thought of my problem, or felt some pain, I was to repeat my mantra. This certainly made things more fun, and I also believe it contributed to my healing. That was in 2012. Since then, I’ve continued to use Alexey and Ivinela’s techniques to “jump over” my problems and find the magic in life.

One morning in early 2019, I woke up with the idea that I would write children’s stories using the anagram technique I learned from Ivinela — fun stories that can be read to children while they are sick or dealing with other issues to make them smile and also so that they can choose their own mantra to help them heal in a fun way. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine. That’s how Humorous Healing Anagrams came about. I asked my father, Roger Pitot, if he would help me with the stories, because he is the best children’s storyteller I know. My sister and I grew up on his funny made-up bedtime stories and so did both of my daughters. I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them and also have some fun writing your own stories at the end of the books. These stories are as much for moms, dads, aunties, uncles, and grandparents as they are for kids.

Leila Summers