Humorous Healing Anagrams

Anagrams are words or phrases formed by rearranging the letters of other words or phrases. A true anagram uses all the letters in a word to make a new word. The stories in Humorous Healing Anagrams, however, make anagrams by using any of the letters from a word or phrase.

Other than simply being entertaining, the stories in each Humorous Healing Anagrams book relate to a specific common childhood illness or other issue. A fun story is created using words that are anagrams of the name of the issue as well as other connected words or phrases.

In essence, these stories take a problem and scramble it up, literally. When we read the stories, instead of focusing on how bad we feel, we trick our brains by jumbling up all of our symptoms and focusing on something entirely different. The idea behind this theory is that instead of focusing on a problem, we can find a different (even totally whacky) way of looking at it that makes us smile. 

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At the end of every Humorous Healing Anagrams book is a list of words that were used to create the story. Children are encouraged to write their own funny stories using as many of the words from the list as possible.